The North Berwick Golf Club
The New Club House, West Links, Beach Road,
North Berwick, East Lothian EH39 4BB
Tel : +44 (0)1620 892 135 Fax : +44 (0)1620 893 274

The North Berwick Golf Club, established in 1832 is the thirteenth oldest in the world. A list of past captains displayed within the club highlights its distinguished past. Including knights. Earls, Lords Marquis and past Prime Ministers, history an tradition are very prominent here. The 'olde world charm', is backed up by a friendly and welcoming attitude towards all guests.

One of North Berwick's most famous golfing sons, Ben Sayers played in 43 consecutive Open Championships from 1880-1923. He was also a world renowned club manufacturer and teacher. His pupils include - King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, King George V (then Prince of Wales) and the Grand Duke Michael of Russia. Ben Sayers workshop still stands in the fold in the rumpled ground close by the first tee of North Berwick's West Links.

The ancient club house houses two bars and a restaurant serving excellent refreshments.

1 km west of North Berwick on A198, 35 km east of Edinburgh

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Information herein provided by the club 26 Feb. 99.
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Course Details

Course Name: North Berwick West Links Holes: 18 Yardage: 6420 SSS: 71
Golf has been played for centuries on the West Links of north Berwick and only at St. Andrews can you tread more ancient fairways. Such was North Berwick's fame an renown in the latter part of the 19th Century that is attracted big money matches along with Prestwick, Musselburgh an St. Andrew. As many as 7,000 would line links to watch challenge matches between the great players of the day. Often the sum of £100 was played for (£10,000) in today money). Not only is it venerable but it is one of the most attractive and stimulating links courses anywhere, with every hole setting a different problem of length, judgement, skill and direction.

An Open qualifying course, North Berwick's West Links has an antiquated charm all its own with walls, burns, yawning bunkers and no15, Redan, probably the most frequently copied short hole in the world.

The long 11th was also unashamedly reproduced by Donald Ross as Seminole's 18th (Florida USA). The 12th 'Bass' embodies risk/reward strategy at its finest while the 13th,'Pit' combines strategic dimensions with old world quirkiness. After 'Perfection', the 14th, the golfer moves on to the world famous 'Redan', a 192 yard par 3, that Bernard Darwin described more than 85 years ago as 'a beautiful one short hole atop a plateau with a bunker short of the green , to the left, and another further on to the right, and we must vary our mode of attack according to the wind, playing a shot to come in from the right or making a direct frontal attack'.

The West Links is a true links with commanding views of sea, over great wide sandy beaches, across the dark rocky islets of the Forth estuary to the green hilly Fife coast, the volcanic grey and white streaked hump of the Bass Rock and distant May Island on the horizon

For an appreciation and independent view of this course please see golfer reviews.

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  • North Berwick Golf Club in East Lothian, Scotland

    Geoff Colmer wrote on: Jan 10, 2009

    Great links track. Very friendly. Highly recommended.


  • golf in the UK July 2005

    Gary Roberts wrote on: Oct 30, 2004

    Four golfers from Melbourne Australia will be in the UK in July 2005 for 3 weeks of golf. A week each in St. Annes, Perth and Rye and we want to play some of the best links courses in those areas. If you could send details including greenfees of 4 or 5 couses from each area it would be most apprecieated.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews ? 12/00

    ? wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    I completed a golf holiday in Scotland this past October. The North Bewrick West Links was the 1sr course I played, and the most fun, even though it was followed by Muirfield, St. Andrews Old, Carnoustie and Nairn. The people were great; the course is fair, challenging and thrilling. The stretch from #'s13-16 is among the most unusual and memorable in golf. The wind was so strong the day I played I hit a 4 wood to #4, a 166 yd. par 3, and I'm an 8!, but it did not detract from the experience.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Brian Kalamanka 09/00

    Brian Kalamanka wrote on: Aug 31, 2000

    I had the opportunity to play this course recently and enjoyed it immensely. It sports a wide variety of holes and greens and has excellent views throughout the course. Albeit less testing than the other Championship courses of Scotland, it was a completely enjoyable and fine round of golf. The clubhouse and staff were very enjoyable.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Dave Zientko, h'cap 12 10/99

    Dave Zientko, h'cap 12 wrote on: Sep 30, 1999

    Played 9/5/99 Weather was sunny and 70 degrees with about 10-15 mph wind.
    Shot 81, my handicap is 12.
    This course is a must for all true golfers. It has the best sea views imaginable with bass rock looming just off the coast the whole round. The course is tough with big penalties for miss-hit tee shots. Better to hit 2 irons or 3 woods for many tees to keep the ball in play.
    The famous wall comes into play on 3 holes with the toughest requiring a 8 iron or so to be hit to the green tucked between the wall that the North Sea. Some neat twists in store with a few blind shots into greens tucked down behind dunes and one green with a 12 foot deep valley running through it.
    Buy the yardage book you'll need it. The round is expensive but worth it. The club house bar is great but make sure to dress well as the members like it that way.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Vandon Hottle 07/99

    Vandon Hottle wrote on: Jun 30, 1999

    I played North Berwick in October, 1998. I spent 4 weeks playing various courses in Ireland and Scotland and for sheer fun, nothing surpasses this course. I played the first 18 with two other people and had a marvellous time. The views of the sea were equal to any course anywhere. I had time for an additional 9 after we finished and I asked the starter how much it would cost. His reply was 'how about free?'. The wind on the outward nine made it almost impossible to reach some of the par fours in two (I am a 5 handicap), but coming back in par fives were reachable with a drive and a mid-iron. Beautiful, wonderful course. I hope to come back some day.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Kevin Snyder 04/99

    Kevin Snyder wrote on: Mar 31, 1999

    I played North Berwick in June of 1998 while traveling through Scotland with 11 other golfing pals from Texas. We played most of the great courses including Royal Troon, Turnberry, St. Andrews (Old and New), Muirfield, and Carnoustie.
    North Berwick was one of top 2 or 3 courses for me. The course itself is unique, a beautiful setting and a fun, challenging course. Even better is the town of North Berwick. If you only play the golf course, then you've missed half the experience. Do take time to walk through the town and visit the shops. We retired to a local pub with our caddies after our round and enjoyed several pints.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Dr. Mike O'Sullivan 12/98

    Dr. Mike O'Sullivan wrote on: Nov 30, 1998

    Re North Berwick, or 'Berrick' as the locals pronounce it. I want to echo all the great things said about this course, and perhaps go even further. I thought it was the best course I played in Scotland, and I saw them all in summer, 1996.
    Berwick is really two tracks. For the first nine you are marching right into the teeth of the prevailing wind with pounding surf just off to your right, playing long and tough uphill holes, and probably starting to wonder whatever possessed you to do this. When you turn around after #9, and go the other way with the wind at your back, you get a taste of what Tiger Woods feels all the time. Drivers and mid irons to 500 yard par fives, it's exhilarating but still not easy. Our caddies were two young local kids, who were affable and knowledgeable. They even got into the spirit of the wager (small, of course) which my brother and I got into. It was good sport and thrilling golf.
    Last thought....if you are driving yourself ,find out exactly where it is. We wandered into some neighbor lady's kitchen before we discovered which of the gates in the stone wall led to the right place. Fortunately she was most gracious as were all the local folks we met during our two week junket. North Berwick is a MUST.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Tyler P. Benson 11/98

    Tyler P. Benson wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    Have had the opportunity to play many of the top ranked courses in the U.S.A. as well as the United Kingdom. It is difficult to explain, but for some strange reason North Berwick has stayed with me. Whenever I think of golf in Scotland I am reminded of this
    course. Our next trip over will no doubt include a couple of days at North Berwick.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews C. Murray Austin 11/98

    C. Murray Austin wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    I also think that the West Links (the true name of the course as opposed to one of the clubs that play over it) is a great course. I spend my summers living in North Berwick and belong to Tantallon Golf Club (which also has full playing privileges (sp??) over these great links. I also belong to the Glen Golf Club which plays on the East Links at the other end of town. I invite players who are planning to visit to contact me if they need further information. I also may occasionally be able to get them on either course for a lot less than the posted rate as a guest of a member. One word of warning, parking can sometimes be a problem and it is much easier to play most Scottish courses on week days than weekends.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews C. Murray Austin 11/98

        Darrell Connelly wrote on: Jul 20, 2004

        Can you provide me your email address so that I may email you with questions about our upcoming trip to Scotland?


  • Europe Golf courses reviews B Pugh 11/98

    B Pugh wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    Played here on July 8 in a 30-40mph wind. Some very good andscenic holes (like #1) but a couple of tricky holes as well. Course is in good condition and well worth a visit. If you plan to hire a caddie, beware of their alleged knowledge of the course. We had 3 duds out of 4. The yardage book is essential for first timers.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews James M. Gartland 11/98

    James M. Gartland wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    North Berwick is my favourite course in the world. I've had the pleasure to play Pine Valley, St. Andrews, Muirfield, Ballybunion, Cypress Point, the Olympic Club (SF), among others. If I could play only one course, it would be North Berwick (with St. Andrews second).


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Allen Lynch 11/98

    Allen Lynch wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    I couldn't agree more with comments 1 and 2. On our last trip to Scotland we played Royal Burgess, St. Andrews (Old and New), Prestwick, Carnoustie, Ladybank, Muirfield, and North Berwick. I thought North Berwick provided the best overall golfing experience, including the friendliness of the members and staff. Friends who have played Royal Dornoch in the north of Scotland rate that as a better course, but you'd have to go a long way to beat North Berwick.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews D'Arcy Kavanagh 11/98

    D'Arcy Kavanagh wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    I played North Berwick back in 1994 and, despite golfing on scores of courses since, the beauty, challenge and eccentric attributes - you've got to cope with a lot of stone walls - of North Berwick will remain with me for many years. I played it once in a fog so heavy you couldn't see more than 50 yards. Still, two older gents teed it up, whacked their balls straight down No. 1 with their trusty 3-irons and then proclaimed that it was 'just a little bit of fog' and they knew where to go by memory. I lasted only a few holes, but that was OK. The next day, it was misty and wonderful. Prince Andrew and his entourage played right by us. North Berwick is for both royals and non-royals. It will always reward its players.


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