Poulton Park Golf Club
Dig Lane, Cinnamon Brow,
Chester, Cheshire
Tel : +44 (0)1925 812 034 Fax : +44 (0)1925 822 802

Off Crab Lane, Fearnhead

Course Details

Course Name: Poulton Park Holes: 9 Yardage: 5380 SSS: 66

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  • Poulton Park Golf Club

    David Owen wrote on: Mar 22, 2006

    Poulton Park is a flat short nine hole course, running alongside the M6 and M62, but it is anything but easy.
    The course is tree lined with out of bounds and water coming into play on eight holes in a normal round and if you over hit to the first make that ten holes with water. Those thinking of smashing the driver down the fairways will go home with a bruised ego, Poulton Park destroys the wayward golfer and a shot at your course into the semi-rough would be wayward at Poulton Park.
    The toughest hole is the seventh, a par four that could challenge any for the title of the hardest in the region. At 416 yard the slight dogleg right hides a sting in it's tail, the new green sits behind the original green, so masking the watercourse less than three feet from the front of the green and with another watercourse equal distant at the back of the green you need a fine shot to find the target. The wind though plays it part on this hole and many a ball rest in the water. But if you do get through this hole just remember, you have to play it again!


  • poulton park

    jack whitfield wrote on: Apr 21, 2004

    as a non-member of any course ive been on the search for quite a while looking for an enjoyable yet challenging golf course to buy a membership from and one of my choices stood out like a sore thumb ,POULTON, this golf course has the same to offer than all the others i have visited but what steers it in the right direction is the warm , freindly, welcoming staff,members and the pro's so id definatly recomend poulton to any one in my situation and i will definatly be buying a membership in 04


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Andrew Noone 04/01

    Andrew Noone wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    May I take this opportunity to highlight what a challenging course Poulton Park has become. To golfers of all standards there is something on offer, and as an 18 handicapper it has taught me the golden rule of golf - hit the ball straight. I have spent many an afternoon furrowing through the trees in search of another sliced shot. The course this year will be even more of a challenge as there has been subtle but effective changes to a number of holes, namely the 5th and 6th, where water has been introduced, to give golfers like myself, even more cause to visit the pro shop for a fresh supply of golf balls. The addition of new tees and the overall standard of the course will stand it in good stead for the season ahead.
    The most appealing feature for me, is not the course but the members. Having visited a number of local courses, Poulton offers a warm welcome to all visitors which for me is an essential part of any successful club and may I commend the management of the course for creating such an ambience.
    I look forward to playing Poulton Park on a number of occasions this summer.
    Good luck and best wishes


  • Europe Golf courses reviews John Carsberg 08/99

    John Carsberg wrote on: Jul 31, 1999

    I was a member of Poulton Park Golf Club for many years from the day it opened. It may seem like a short and easy course, in fact some people have labelled it as a pitch and putt course, until they have had chance to play it !!!!
    It is short and narrow, a hooked or pulled drive will put you out of bounds and a pushed drive will put you in the trees (that I planted !!) where the only shot you can play is sideways. The fairways are not very wide, and there are some well positioned hazards. If you would like a challenge against your accuracy visit Poulton Park Golf Club.