Ravensworth Golf Club
Moss Heaps,
Wrekenton, Tyne & Wear NE9 7UU
Tel : +44 (0)191 487 6014

5 km south of Newcastle on B1296

Course Details

Course Name: Ravensworth Holes: 18 Yardage: 5872 SSS: 68
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  • Review

    Charlie wrote on: Feb 23, 2015

    I was a member here for one season. The course has a large amount of slopes which spoil the challenge. The members I found to be really clicky. One one occasion, I was one footstep away from putting my hand on the door to leave the lounge and put my cap on. I was shouted at in a busy lounge by a member "There's no hats on in here". Save your money and play elsewhere.


  • Ravensworth

    Aidan wrote on: May 19, 2013

    A good course with fantastic views of the angel of the North and across the Tyne Valley. A thinking golfers course well laid out and with good true greens.


  • Ravensworth Golf Club

    Neil wrote on: May 15, 2011

    I played this course as a visitor last week (May 2011) and the course was of an interesting and nice length. The greens were a bit untidy and some of the negative comments on here are a bit unfair. Its a course in an urban environment so of course there is going to be youths!
    I got on as a midweek twilight visitor for £12, complete bargain.
    luckily I played with some local players who were use to the course, the club would benifit from some permanent signage to next tee's and also better yardahe markers....but I will be back for more.


  • general

    keith wrote on: Apr 3, 2009

    The information on Ravensowrth is out of date. The new address is
    Ravensworth Golf Club,
    Angel View,
    Long Bank,
    NE9 7NE
    Also, we have now added a second par five and the course is extended to a par 70. We have also changed the layout of course due to location of the new clubhouse and this year (2009) have added a new water feature across the 3rd and 13th Holes.
    The course is in fabulous condition and we host county and junior county matches.
    Although from time to time we have some problems we no longer lock gates etc. and have engaged the local youths in the community and outside of the course have some fantastic wall art that has received national press.
    We also offer some great packages for societies and even have a mid week special for a sinfgle fours ball at £10 per person.
    A new website is being designed and is now open to view at ravensworthgolfclub.co.uk We are the only course where we have extensive view of the Tyne Valley AND the Angel of the North, so finding us should not be a problem.
    come and enjoy


  • Ravensworth Golf Club

    brian larby wrote on: Mar 14, 2006

    A fabulous new Club House has been added to the course in 2004, and the views out over the team valley are outstanding. to be so close to Gateshead and Newcastle and enjoy the views is amazing playing along side the Angel of the North and to the 4th Island Hole over a valley to a green surrounded by bunkers leaves no room for error. A great course for the strong at heart.


  • Ravensworth Golf Club Review

    Brian Larby wrote on: Mar 14, 2006

    re your review june 1 2000 - yes the course is alongside a council estate but this has change since 2000. there is a new club house at th opposite end of the original course and the course holes have changed slightly since then. there has been no real vandalism for many years and you make the course sound terrible. may I suggest you either re-visit and asses this course and it facilities or at least change your damming and hostile appraisal of Ravensworth


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Terry Fisher 6/00

    Terry Fisher wrote on: May 31, 2000

    This course is situated alongside a Council Housing Estate and to combat the problems of greens been dug up, golf balls stolen, trees uprooted + stolen cars being burnt out on the course, the committee decided to fit lockable gates to the 3 fields, to which the hooligans now super-glue the locks, so the members can not have access to their course, together with the introduction of Razor Wire along the perimeter of a very narrow course does not look pleasing to the eye.


      • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Terry Fisher 6/00

        Marcus Humphrey wrote on: Sep 17, 2012

        As an ex member, I'm not sure if Terry has an axe to grind for some reason, but I do think his review is very harsh.
        I've been a member for 32 years and if it was as awful as he makes out then I'd have moved by now!!!
        Ravensworth is an extremely friendly club with a course that is a good test whilst being fun to play.
        As with any golf club in an urban setting there are always going to be one or two little niggles with kids, but we suffer no more than anyone else.
        Our staff have the course in fantastic condition, with fast greens and lush fairways. Wonderful views along the Tyne Valley and of course the Angel of the North make this a unique and very enjoyable golfing experience. Give it a go....you'll love it!


          • RE: RE: Europe Golf courses reviews Terry Fisher 6/00

            Jack lorries wrote on: Apr 13, 2013

            Having visited recently (after a justified 5 year break), I do not plan to return any time soon. Good things - course is quite well maintained, friendly members and staff, club is good for junior members
            Bad things - not enough signposting, dog walkers, drunk youths, people on bikes, you have to cross two roads to get around the course (admittedly now you go under a subway as opposed to across a road but this isn't much better), numerous problems from locals (more than any other town club I know). Thus was mitigated by trying to encourage them to actually play (giving them clubs and lessons etc). If I was a member, I would not be happy this is where my money is going! Pro shop has dwindled in quality. Poorly stocked and not open very regularly. Difficult to know where you are hitting on some holes (for example 6th).
            In conclusion, for me this course has not improved sufficiently for me to go again in a hurry. Yes it is cheap (especially twilight prices) but there are obvious reasons for this. I would not pay to play here again. Even if all the above were rectified the basic course layout remains unremarkable. Two holes that are reasonable are 9th and 12th.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews J.P.Hagon 11/98

    J.P.Hagon wrote on: Oct 31, 1998

    An enjoyable layout featuring some good short par four holes and a spectacular par three thirteenth hole played from an elevated tee to a green surrounded by deep bunkers. Most of the par three holes are quite long, with the eighth being a monster of 240 yds sharply uphill! Many of the greens have severe contours making putting tricky. If your golf game is off, you can at least enjoy some of the superb views of Tyneside particularly from the 12th green which is at the highest point on the course.


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