Royal Dornoch Golf Club
Golf Road,
Dornoch, Highland IV25 3LW
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Although golf at the Dornoch links dates back to 1616, the club itself dates from 1877 when the Sutherland Golfing Society applied to play golf over the links. It was King Edward VII who bestowed the title 'Royal' on Dornoch Golf Club in 1906. As might be expected the club has a rich history and an association with some of the greatest golfers of the past.

60 km north of Inverness, off A9, north of Dornoch

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Course Name: Championship Holes: 18 Yardage: 6514 SSS: 73
Initially designed Old Tom Morris in 1886 and later modified by JH Taylor and Donald Ross, this course has undergone many subtle changes over the years, mostly lengthening. It has won accolades from many quarters not least from Open champion Tom Watson making it one of the most popular golf courses in Scotland.

The course, like many historic links, goes almost straight out and straight back, but the angle changes subtly at each hole; the greens are big and undulating and many are plateaux requiring well hit shots; nothing is hidden, but it requires a golfer playing at his best to see it all and adjust his strategy. There is plenty of room off the tee, but where to place the drive depends on the wind and the pin positions.

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Course Name: Struie Holes: 18 Yardage: 5438 SSS: 66
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The Burghfield House Hotel
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Claymore House Hotel
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Coul House Hotel
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Inveran Bed & Breakfast
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The Royal Golf Hotel
The 1st Tee
Grange Road, Dornoch, Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1862 810283 Fax: +44 (0)1862 810923

The Windsor Hotel
Albert Street
Nairn, IV12 4HP
Tel: (01667) 453108 Fax: (01667) 453108

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  • Royal Dornoch

    Mark Black wrote on: Dec 9, 2004

    I had the pleasure to play Royal Dornoch in July 2004. It is an experience I will never forget. We had great Scottich weather, a little bit of everything. Caddie was tremendous as was the golf course. Incredible scenery and history. Don't miss this course. It is out of the way but worth it.


  • RE: Europe Golf courses reviews E. Paul Lian Scottsdale, AZ USA 05/01

    wrote on: Jan 19, 2004

    My e mail address has changed to:


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Steve Miley

    Steve Miley wrote on: Nov 30, 2000

    Royal Dornoch, though routinely ranked about 11 or 12th in the world, deserves to be considered as good as any ranked before it! I have been a member there for 5 years now and I spend about 2-3 weeks a year there. If I didn't have to work I would move there tomorrow! Dornoch calls for every shot in the bag, and unlike most Scottich links courses, it is extremely fair. There are only 2 or 3 blind shots, depending on how well you hit your drives on 8,16, and 17. The course starts out easy enough, but you'd better fasten your seatbelts for the next 17 holes! I work on the PGA Tour every week
    and I can't think of a course anywhere in the U.S., other than maybe Pine Valley, that has such an incredible stretch of golf! Tom Watson was once asked, 'what do you think the toughest shot at Dornoch is'. His reply was, 'The second to the second'. Well, the second hole is a par 3! And in my opinion, it is among the toughest par 3's in the world. And the greens here are second to only Augusta in their deceptive and subtle breaks. All in all, if you go to Scotland and don't make the trip to Dornoch, you will regret it the rest of your golfing days!!! P.S. Just don't go there from July 10- Aug.7. That's when I go, and I don't want all you tourist invading my slice of Heaven!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Dale McDonald 10/00

    Dale McDonald wrote on: Sep 30, 2000

    Having to play the Championship course in howling winds, without a caddy and with rental clubs is indeed a daunting experience. Fortunately I played with a member who ably directed me away from trouble, though not the errant shot. Course conditions were exceptional and play was speedy, even by Scottish standards. (2 3/4 hours) Because of the wind, the par 3 2nd hole was unreachable with an iron though the green looked to be within 'spittin' distance. But the two par 5's were reached with 8 irons! Thank God the wind didn't shift! This was my first go at true links golf and it is an experience that I will cherish forever.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews David Graham 08/98

    David Graham wrote on: Jul 31, 1998

    I played Royal Dornoch in Oct. of '96, so I can't offer any updates yet, but I'll be back there in two weeks, and perhaps I can be more informative after that. I will say that Dornoch was a highlight of my golfing life, and it's a place I'll always cherish. I will particularly remember the 10th hole, a short par three. I played it with an autumn gale in my face, hit a five-wood right on the screws, and came up ten yards shy of the green! The town is a delight, the Mallin House has a seafood item called Creel Broth that approaches ambrosia, and it's for good reason tat I've used my e-mail address to
    anoint myself a 'dornocher'.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Evan W. Fleisher 08/98

    Evan W. Fleisher wrote on: Jul 31, 1998

    A simple and pure test of golf, this course will not blow you away in its beauty, but when you are done, you will be fully satisfied that's you've just played an outstanding golf course. The natural setting and conditions make this course a worthy opponent for anyone. The rough was moderate by Scottish standards, and all the rain is helping keep the course rather green for this time of year. Trust your caddy out here; there are some deceptive holes that could put you into some real trouble without guidance. An all around great golf experience.


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