Royal St George's Golf Club
Sandwich, Kent CT13 9PB
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Royal St. George's Golf Club - Hole 3Named after the patron saint of England, Royal St. George's Golf Club, which opened for play in 1887, hosts its 14th Open Championship in 2011. Designed by Dr. William Laidlaw Purves of the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club, the club was intended to be England's rival to St. Andrews Golf Club of Scotland. Seven years after its opening, in 1894, it became the first course outside of Scotland to host the Open. Unlike St. Andrews, Royal St. George's isn't a true links course. Each nine at Royal St. George's is laid out in more of a circular pattern rather than in and out, loosely forming a figure "8." The course has no shortage of blind shots and deep penal bunkers, and over the years alterations, including lengthening, have been made to the course to ensure it remains an Open venue.

1 km east of Sandwich

Course Details

Course Name: Royal St Georges Holes: 18 Yardage: 6565 SSS: 72

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  • Europe Golf courses reviews Dan Weisman, Springfield, Illinois 11/01

    Dan Weisman, Springfield, Illinois wrote on: Oct 31, 2001

    While I was reminiscing with friends about my great golfing trip to England in the summer of 1999, I happened on your Royal St. George site on the internet, and thoroughly enjoyed reading the reviews ... especially the one by Dr. Don Piche who was 'tickled' by his 73.
    73? Phew, I was at 73 after #14, and will not apologise for being absolutely 'tickled' with my 91, which was played from the regular tees.
    I'm retired and a duffer with a 10 handicap on what I consider fairly tough U.S. courses. Then, I ran headlong into the Royal St. George. What a truly great experience it was for me to play (should I say, battle) a course which no doubt is how golf really should be played. I'll treasure the picture I have of me standing next to Hell's Bunker. No doubt there are people who went in this bunker years ago and have yet to be found. I'll try to attach the picture.
    If I can offer a little advice to anyone planning to play St. George, at least for the first time, it would be for them to be sure to use a caddy. I may have shot a much better round had I not decided to pull a cart, perhaps even a 90, and if I'd known where to try to hit the ball. Managing the numerous blind shots became a great challenge for me. Also, chugging up and down the hills pulling the cart became quite a challenge all by itself.
    After the 18 holes, my three much younger playing partners played nine more holes ... I went to the car turned on the radio and fell fast asleep.
    Thanx for listening ...


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Dr. Don Piche, Traverse City, Michigan USA 05/01

    Dr. Don Piche, Traverse City, Michigan USA wrote on: Apr 30, 2001

    The 15 is a fun 5 par that requires a couple good pokes to set up to what Stewart claimed is a relatively new green. Somewhat elevated a well bunkered, this hole should be an easy bird (if you can putt a lick! I didn't). Hang on to your hat as you head to 16, a monster 4 par of 478 yards. Face it, you need to clobber two shots, and hope your approach won't blow right to a green that slopes hard to the right. A big collection area at the green leaves you lots of options for an up and down. I chose a shot I rarely get to use in the states.. A putter from 20 feet off the green. know I know why I don't use it...20 footer for par missed.. My first blemish since #5. 17 is a great par three with some big ugly bunkers. As my 10 footer for birdie rolled past the hole, Stewart began his review on my lacklustre puttin performance. As my 8 iron got to 12 feet on 18, a hole which you can get in a mess if you find the fairway bunker in the middle of the fairway, Stewart sense redemption. As I left it dead in the hole an inch short, we both had to laugh. I had 10 putts inside fifteen feet for birdie and didn't make 1!!!! He claimed he'd never seen anyone hit it so well and putt so bad...and putting is generally my strong suit.
    Nevertheless, I was tickled with a 73 and will hold fondly to a great day. As I sipped my local ale in the snack room, I was stuck that this place probably hasn't change too much for 100 years. And I pray it stays this way for 100 more!!!


  • Europe Golf courses reviews Tom Leatherbarrow 04/01

    Tom Leatherbarrow wrote on: Mar 31, 2001

    Once you reach the turn, the course tends to lay everything out in front of the player a little more rather than obscuring its dangers. The tenth is a medium length par 4 with a green that tends to reject the ball followed by a long par 3 and the tricky par 4 twelfth. For me however, the long road home really begins at the thirteenth, a magnificent sweeping par 4 (semi-blind tee shot again) with a green nestling underneath the old clubhouse at Princes. This is immediately followed by the brilliant 14th with the out of bounds all the way down the right, which is ominously in play. I vividly remember Nicklaus whipping one out of bounds here during his opening round in 1985.
    The fifteenth is no trouble off the tee but the second demands the perfect execution of a high floating long iron to clear a front bunker only a few feet from the green. Sixteen, the sight of the first televised hole in one by Tony Jacklin, is a generous green but it is often deceptively difficult to find. Seventeen has a wickedly sloping fairway which is liable to kick anything down the left hand side of the fairway into deep rough, but all of this is merely window dressing for the magnificent 18th, which is arguably the toughest on the course.
    In many ways, the 18th is not typical as all the danger is laid out in front of the player. Only a very wild tee shot will end up in the rough so the real danger is the second shot. Most players after the drive will be faced with a second of around 210-230 yards requiring a long iron or fairway wood. However, this is complicated by a steep slope on the left-hand side of the fairway, which leaves the player often having to play the ball position 6-7 inches above their feet. Furthermore, if the pin is on the right hand side of the green, the superb bunker front right will guard the flag, therefore a faded second is required - always difficult from an uphill lie.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews W. Rincewind, Hdcp.15 02/00

    W. Rincewind, Hdcp.15 wrote on: Jan 31, 2000

    Simply a stunning golfing experience. Apart from the course, more of which anon, the atmosphere in the clubhouse, the welcoming staff and the superb lunch combined to make this a memorable day.
    The course is everything that it is claimed to be. As you go round you can feel the sense of fun behind its design 'Wouldn't it be fun if we cut the top off that dune and put a green up there'; 'Lets knock it over that dune and see what's there'. The result is some holes that no sane designer would ever contemplate but which, nonetheless work wonderfully well.
    It is an interesting links layout in it does not follow the straight out, straight back tradition. Rather the holes zigzag all over the place, which increases the challenge of the ever-present wind.
    Favourite holes must include
    4th (over an enormous bunker fully 20ft high);
    9th for the wicked slopes on the green;
    10th (where they cut the top off the dune);
    15th for the wonderful second shot;
    18th because I made a 4 there to break 80.
    Only one comment: I didn't think the greens were as good as Royal Cinque Ports, Deal (just down the road). More a matter of 9/10 v. 10/10 than an actual complaint.


  • Europe Golf courses reviews C.Cook, Hdcp 8 05/99

    C.Cook, Hdcp 8 wrote on: Apr 30, 1999

    In the wind this is the hardest golf course I have ever played. I have played it 4 times and the wind was always blowing. You feel totally worn out after a round on this course. There several blind tee shots and the closing stretch (15-18) are long but if you shot a good score you can be very proud.
    This course is pure links with a low ball a must. The fairway bunker on 4 is the largest I've ever seen. You can run the ball up on most greens which makes it a little easier. When you arrive at the course it is hard to know you are there since the course is hidden from view with dunes.
    It is a great layout and an Open course which is well worth playing. Prince which is right next door is easier but also a good test.