Alhaurin Golf & Country Club
Crta 426 Km15, Alhaurin el Grande
29640 Fuengirola-Malaga
Tel : (952) 59 59 70 Fax : (952) 59 45 86

6km from Mijas near Malaga

Architect : Severiano Ballesteros.
Accommodation : El Postillon Hotel
Course Details

Course Name: Alhaurin Holes: 18 Yardage: 6806 SSS:
This course is one of the most diligently designed coursewith tight fairways, posing a fair test for the golfer. The course has a great number of abundant of bunkers and water features.

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Course Name: 18 Par 3 Holes: 18 Yardage: SSS:
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Course Name: 9 Par 3 Holes: 9 Yardage: SSS:
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  • golf alhurin

    linda shewan wrote on: Jan 16, 2012

    well guys dont know waht is wrong with this course. i found it to be thouroughly challenging the course is very well planned to make it interesting i kept ny same ball till the 18th then lost it in the water. played with my hubby and 2 norweigeins. the key is not to hit big. for me as afemale golfer hitting it short seemed to pay off with the twists and turns of the course.


      • RE: golf alhurin

        michael shewan wrote on: May 31, 2012

        is this my sister from accrington.i was just looking on the internet and your name popped up.if it is hello and you now have my e-mail.if not then you have my apologies


  • Alhaurin

    Ben wrote on: Jan 4, 2012

    This is a very quirky, frustrating golf course. Good shots often get punished, and bad shots often get rewarded. Fairways don't hold, greens don't hold. Balls, well hit or not, often run down to the same collection areas, which are devoid of grass because of this. Areas around the elevated greens are also bald or ragged, so you can't really pitch up or even putt up, and if it's a front pin you have zero chance of getting it close. The best feature of this course is the guy on a motorbike who will sell you back your golf balls if they roll into one of the many ravines.


  • Alhuarin

    Bernie Barrett wrote on: Apr 29, 2008

    I was interested to read the reviews of others after I played this course last week. With optional tees and slope ratings of 137 (yellow tees) and 139 (whites) it's tough...real tough, and a stark contrast between two sets of 9 holes that do not sit comfortably together.
    The front nine carves a magnificent path along ridge lines, between deep valleys, across ravines and drops to the valley floor. The vistas are incredible and the golf challenging and commanding a lot of thought about club selection and ball positioning before every shot. The par 5 6th is the signature hole and with optional tees brings a risk/reward factor into consideration and certainly standing at the tee you might wish you had played the course before to determine how far you need to carry the ball to cut the corner & present the opportunity to reach the green in 2. Certainly local knowledge is a big advantage here but this can be said of many "acclaimed" courses of similar slope ratings. Personally, I found the front 9 truly inspiring golf.
    The back nine however is engulfed by condo development around some badly designed holes altho I suspect that owners have changed the layout from the originally intended design. Nevertheless the back 9 is resort golf that we have all played before and generally unspiring.
    I'd stem condo development around the front 9 to preserve the natural vista's and serenity of the course and have Seve design an adjoining 9 in the hills of equal championship calibre. I wouldn't care what they did with the exisiting back 9


  • Alhaurin golf Club

    Alan wrote on: Aug 26, 2007

    I've played many golf courses home and abroad, and found this golf course to be a tuff nut (single figure golfer), played it twice, and will be playing September 1st again. It's not my choice at all, the course is difficult and many of the holes unfair with little reward given for a good shot. Reading recent updates from the web it seems that the course management have or are making it more user friendly. Roll on this Saturday, views are great.


  • Alhurin Golf Course

    YJ wrote on: Mar 12, 2007

    Just returned from a trip to the Costa del Golf. Played Alhurin on the last day. This is a tricked up golf course. Has got a couple of very good holes and lots of very bad holes. On some holes you had to aim for other fairways to get your ball ending within the OB fences. I will not recommend this course to anyone. Los Arqueros is a much better Seve design.


  • Alhurin Golf

    George Tait wrote on: Oct 11, 2006

    Just retuned from playing 3 courses near malaga. Alhurin was easily the most enjoayable, with amazing views and challenging holes. The rest in comparison were Motorway Golf, flat and back and forth.


  • Toughest ever

    Neil wrote on: May 23, 2006

    I hated this course. OK, I got lost, it was raining, the staff weren't very friendly and I played atrociously but overall I thought it was awful. We cancellled our second reservation and played Lauro again instead.
    It's in a fantastic setting but there's so much building work going on directly around the course that all you could see and hear were the cranes and the pile-drivers.
    The course itself is rediculously hilly (but then it is in the mountains) and it was so up and down that bad shots got rewarded by running down to the greens whilst pretty good shots would be punished if they got a bad-bounce of one of the 45degree banks. It was almost like playing snooker and trying to bounce off the banks.
    Chatting in the bar/clubhouse afterwards even single figure handicappers were saying much the same. I think you'd have to be very good and have played this course often to get the most from it.
    Finally, there is so much building work going on and it's so far away from anywhere/anything else that when it's all done and in high-season I can imagine it will be very difficult to get on this course and will be very slow with everyone looking for balls that have run off the fairways and greens!


      • RE: Toughest ever

        Neil McCrorie wrote on: Oct 16, 2010

        We play Alhurin every year. We've also played Lauro and if you think that that is a better course than Alhurin, you must be a very ordinary golfer because it is a very ordinary course. Alhurin isnthe best course ont he Costa del Sol.


  • alhaurin golf

    john drake wrote on: Dec 4, 2005

    Just returned from playing alhaurin last week. Stunning design. Tight, tight fairways. Suggest playing course with someone who has played there before as many holes have blind drives. Excellent test. Never lost a ball despite being advised to expect to lose half a dozen. Greens putted amazingly well but extremely difficult to read. Would highly recommend but only to the better player.


  • Alhaurin

    Neil Stacey wrote on: Nov 16, 2005

    Fantastic course with amazing views, We foundthe course and greens to be in excellent condition. Seve must be a sadistic so and so though as it is a shot makers course and not that much opportunity to 'open your shoulders'.
    I'd give this 7.5 out of 10.
    One tip....don't walk and carry your bag! Get a buggy co the hills and some of the walks between tees are a killer!
    I'd not hesitate to go back.


  • Alhaurin Golf

    Jon Reed wrote on: Oct 24, 2005

    Played the course on 14/10/05. On first impressions the course is well looked after and had some stunning views. However once playing the course in a fourball with all of us around 11 handicaps, the course proved to be so tough and unplayable that it ruined the fun. Some holes you just dont know where you are going, and some shots are totally blind with the resulting lost ball. Some holes are set out to catch you out,and on one par five you are teeing off with a 7-iron!. Better off spending money elsewhere. This is an honest opinion.


  • rental accommodation on course

    andrea wrote on: Feb 26, 2005

    want front-line accommodation?
    check out
    fabulous views, great accomodation.
    private pool Villa, or Penthouse.


      • RE: rental accommodation on course

        Michael Winters wrote on: Feb 11, 2011

        Whatever you do, don't trust this Andrea woman for renting a property from on Alhaurín Golf. She's a crook. She ripped us off for €150 deposit that she promised would be returned to us by bank transfer. Any calls to her are either ignored or answered with abuse. MW


  • 3 times marveleous

    Richard wrote on: Oct 17, 2004

    Just returned from three days at Alhaurin. Magnificent views and lots of troubled shots. After the first day I thought 'never again'. second day was a lot better and lost less balls. First day lost 12 (yes 12 !) balls. A good shot doesn't garantee that you will find your ball. Many tricky cliffs but personel of the club will retrieve them and sell them back at hole 5 for half the price of the balls bought in the clubhouse. A positive feeling after three days of great weather.


  • Course

    Bev wrote on: May 25, 2004

    Myself and three other colleagues have just returned from Mijas where we played this course, amongst five others. All I can say is that it is a joke course. Never on a course, can you have hit so many good shots and still be punished. It's impossible to play without a buggy, unless you are Sherpa Tensing and if you were, it would take you about 8 hours. Never again.


      • RE: Course

        sean wrote on: Jul 22, 2005

        Bev. is it really that bad,we intend playing there quite soon but now im not so sure.


  • RE: RE: alhaurin golf club

    wrote on: Apr 30, 2004

    do u know how to get a course map of this course. i'm flying out in 2weeks and playing above course ,lauro,los lagos,la cla n


  • RE: RE: alhaurin golf club

    wrote on: Apr 30, 2004

    >>This course is a load of bollox!
    >how many points did you score
    >I only lost two balls 19 points on the back nine off fullhandicap 14 !!!!
    >difficult isn't it !!!!!!!


  • Exhilarating and challenging!

    Andy Dominguez wrote on: Apr 11, 2004

    A beautiful course but not for the fainthearted 'holiday' or 'casual' golfer. What a wonderful test of golfing skills. Have played it several times now and always find something new.Unlike many courses, the weather is the key. I am a good 16 handicapper who has played it with single handicapppers who struggled. A true test of golf and a testament to the maestro 'Seve'.If you want something 'easier' go down to the coast. Not suitable for 'whingers'.


  • RE: alhaurin golf club

    wrote on: Mar 13, 2004

    >This course is a load of bollox!
    how many points did you score
    I only lost two balls 19 points on the back nine off fullhandicap 14 !!!!
    difficult isn't it !!!!!!!


  • alhaurin golf club

    bob mccabe wrote on: Jan 22, 2004

    This course is a load of bollox!


  • Buggy fun

    Alun wrote on: Jan 2, 2004

    An amazing course with varied challenges. Would be careful with buggies thouth. The couse is set on the side of a mountain and the paths (after watering) can be quite a worry.
    Having said that when you safely arrive at the tee it's worth the caution for the views.
    Brilliant and a friendly atmosphere.


  • RE: Alhaurin Golf course

    wrote on: Nov 11, 2003

    Played here once but never again.
    Would describe it as a silly stupid course that should be left for goats.


  • Alhaurin Golf course

    Elliott Russell wrote on: Oct 13, 2003

    I've only played this course once, but it was umbelieveable. The grass was lush on the greens, the fairways and even in the rough. Visit Spain and play this course!!!


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