Baden-Baden Golf Club
Fremersbergstr 127
76530 Baden-Baden
Tel : (07221) 23579 Fax : (07221) 23528

3km south of Baden-Baden.

Course Details

Course Name: Baden-Baden Holes: 18 Yardage: 4828 SSS:
(no description available)
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  • cv

    Mohammed Hamdy wrote on: Jan 1, 2018

    ch arbeitete 10 Monate lang im SOMABAY Golf Resort. Ich kümmerte mich um die Bezahlung. Ich kümmerte mich um E-Mails oder vor Ort um Gäste zu beschwerden. Ich arbeitete als Starterpunkt. Ich sammelte Ball aus dem Bereich. Ich arbeitete in allen Golfbereichen .Vielen Dank


  • RE: RE: New Company

    dave mcphail wrote on: Jul 4, 2013

    Thanks Don for that.
    you are a treasure. I'm an avid golfer arriving in the region, be it the french side of Alsace.. looking for a club..
    would lo e to know if you have had a reply..


  • golf booking

    Saint Brown wrote on: Mar 25, 2011

    My Name is Saint Brown i am from London we will be coming for GOLF
    training in your center for 8 days, and we are 8 in number 4 male and
    4 female. just get back to me with the total cost for all of us . training start at 10Th of July
    to 20 July.
    Arrival date: 10 July 2011.
    Departure date: 20 July 2011.
    I will be waiting for your mail.
    Saint Brown


  • RE: New Company

    wrote on: Dec 29, 2003

    Dear Greg Koch
    It was in the process of trying to find any information which might be available on the web regarding the golf tournament played in 1936 on the Baden Baden Golf Course, Germany as part of the Olympic Games of that year that I stumbled on your web site. I hope therefore you will excuse me if I am troubling you unneccessarily. My quest for information stems from the fact that it was my father-in-law, Tom Thirsk, who won the "Prize of all Nations" for that event and as one of the beneficiaries of his Will I am the possessor of the two silver trophies presented to him and am trying to write up a "history" of the occasion. Hitler was much involved, it being expected after the second of the four rounds that a German would win (there were entrants from many countries - two men only from each country). Should by any chance you might be able to point me in some direction where I might find more out about the occasion I would be most grateful to you. Coincidentally, I resided in Cape Town from 1980 to 1992 and "stayed", as they say, at Mutual Place the 23 floor high building opposite the swimming pool in Sea Point. I hope you have had a good Christmas and envy you your weather. It is and has been foul here in Europe. Regards
    Don Bissland


  • New Company

    Greg Koch wrote on: Nov 25, 2003

    Could you please send me your e-mail address as I would like to send you some information regarding my company in Cape Town-South Africa
    Thanking you
    Greg Koch


      • RE: New Company

        Bláithín Glynn wrote on: Apr 8, 2009

        To whom it may concern,
        I am a student in the University of Limerick in Ireland and I am currently acting as a Business Consultant for my client in Ireland who wishes to set up a Holiday Home Exchange Programme for holiday home owners in Ireland and 7 other EU countries including Germany ( If this business is to be a success my client aims to set up a Holiday Home Exchange Programme website which advertises all holiday homes available for rent in each country including Germany.
        In advertising our holiday homes in Germany we aim to advertise local amenities such as golf clubs, activity centres etc. which are situated near our adverised holiday homes in the regions of Germany .
        I am emailing your establishment in order to ask if you would be interested in forming a partnership programme with my client's website. This would involve my client advertising your establishment on our Holiday Home website and in turn you could advertise our business on your website.
        If you would be interested in forming an advertising partnership with us please contact me regarding same.
        Looking forward to hearing from you,
        Bláithín Glynn.


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