Overijse Golf Club
Gemslaan 55,
3090 Overijse
Tel : (02) 687 50 30 Fax : (02) 687 37 68

10km south of Brussels.

Arch Rossi
Course Details

Course Name: Overijse Holes: 9 Yardage: 6326 SSS: 71
(no description available)
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  • The truth ... and nothing but the truth

    Rudi Coel wrote on: Aug 15, 2005

    Mr Hill accuses me of being misleading and he founds this claim on a press release from the Flemish Golf Association concerning the verdict of the tribunal in the court case brought by the Flemish administration against the Overijse Golf Club. I’m sorry to say that it is Mr Jon Hill who is being misled. He should have made the effort to look up the actual verdict. Contrary to what the press release and mr Hill say, the tribunal states on page 24 of the verdict that the club has violated the law by changing the contours of the ground, by building roofs, parkings, etc. without any permit and has violated the law by changing the function of an existing building without any permit. Far from stating that the club was laid out in accordance with the law, this means that the club was – as the action group and the municipality claim – illegally constructed.
    Because of a change in the law in 2003 the judge is of the opinion that these violations are no longer punishable. That the club escapes justice is therefore not because it did not commit any violations but because authorities reacted too late. I used the expression “the judge is of the opinion” on purpose because the Flemish authorities have appealed against the decision. Indeed the law says that these violations are still punishable if the grounds are situated in a vulnerable area. Part of the golf course is situated in a wood are and this is considered to be a vulnerable area according to the decree. We will see what the judge says in appeal.
    I would ask Mr Hill to check his statements a bit more carefully before making them
    I can allways send a copy of the verdict to Mr Hill. I hope he understands Dutch.


  • The other side of the story

    Jon Hill wrote on: Jul 19, 2005

    Rudy Coel’s message of 17 December raises some interesting questions about Overisje Golf Course, but unfortunately it only gives one side of the story. It claims to present the main issues, but in fact it only highlights the claims made by the small action group of which Dvr. Coel is a regular spokesman. As such, it is unbalanced and misleading.
    Dvr. Coel is the voice of a group which rather arrogantly considers itself to be GOD - Golf Overijse D'eruit. An example of their recent activity is the organisation of what they claimed to be a ‘street party’ on 2 April in the road from which one gains access to the golf course. On this premise they obtained a license which closed the road to vehicles on a day when they new that a golf competition was scheduled to be held, thus denying access to members, guests and visitors. Of the hundreds of local residents that Dvr. Coel claims to support his movement, about 15 turned up to his ‘street party’! Those golfers who attempted to gain access during the day were subjected to threats and abuse – and were not offered a cup of tea!
    The other side of the story is well described in a recent press release, which reveals the outcome of the procedure referred to by Dvr. Coel.:
    On 10 Jun 05, a Tribunal ruled against the allegations of the Flemish Minister for Territorial Planning in a case against Overisje Golf Club.
    The most significant details of the ruling are as follows:
    The Tribunal acknowledged that at the time that the Golf Course was laid out (in 1986), there was no requirement to seek a special licence for this purpose. The establishment of Overisje Golf Club was therefore completed totally within the law, particularly as no changes were made to the contours of the land on which the course was established.
    The Tribunal also ruled that other alleged violations of licence requirements, i.e. the installation and construction of advertising boards and other facilities can not now be challenged since the complaint was not made within the period required by the law.
    This verdict confirms that the alleged use of the land for a purpose other than that originally intended cannot be considered to be illegal. In addition, this use of the land cannot justify the imposition of an environmental order. Indeed, the application of an environmental order would imply that the activity for which the land is now being used is damaging to the environment, which it clearly is not.
    Enough of the politics, and more about the Golf! Overisje is a delightful 9-hole course, well maintained and extremely welcoming. It has a thriving international membership, but with a solid core of local members. Every hole is challenging in its own way, and if you play to your handicap first time out, you will have had a very good round!
    The course is laid out in a delightful woodland setting, and has some small lakes which provide a natural safe breeding ground for ducks and geese. Play early in the morning or late in the evening and you will often see deer or foxes on the course. Even wild pigs have occasionally been sighted (or was that R.C.?)
    JH (Golfer, member of Overisje Golf Club and local resident)


  • Overijse Golf Club

    Vandermosten Laurent wrote on: Jul 1, 2005

    This is fantastic golf club.Very chalenging and many golfers i invited were very pleaced by the course.


  • This is an illegal golf club. Do not visit it

    Rudi Coel wrote on: Dec 17, 2004

    The Overijse Golf Club has been constructed in total illegality, to the extent that Flemish regional authorities have engaged in a law suit against it. Indubitably, you did not know this.
    For your information I give you the main facts. According to the overall Territorial Plan the golf course is situated partially in an agricultural and partially in a forest zone. The municipality of Overijse has established a particular Territorial Plan (approved by the Minister in 1989), which explicitly forbids recreational sports such as golf.
    The Overijse Golf Club never obtained any environmental or building permit, although this is obligatory under the Territorial Planning act of 1999 (section 99).
    In 1999 Dirk Van Mechelen, Flemish Minister for Territorial Planning (liberal) stated that the Overijse Golf Club could not regularised. In the same year the Department of Territorial Planning opened a procedure with the Officer of Justice in Brussels in order to stop the illegal exploitation and to restore the grounds to their original state. In 2003 the dossier was forwarded to the building inspection in view to a lawsuit.
    By request of the municipal authorities and hundreds of inhabitants in 2004 the Overijse Golf Club was removed from the list of existing golf courses in the Provincial Territorial Plan, which was signed by the Minister on October 7th. Last but not least, the Flemish Region engaged in a lawsuit against the Golf Club because of a violation of the federal environmental law of 1993.
    I hope you understand that the Overijse Golf Club is not a credit to the golf sport, to the contrary. I am sure that you do not want to condone illegal practises by visiting it.
    Rudi Coel
    Inhabitant of the municipality of Overijse


      • RE: This is an illegal golf club. Do not visit it

        Daniel Galle wrote on: Jun 17, 2005

        This is again an example of a belgian poor attitude against a wonderful project that is more than environmental friendly and that fits very well in the surroundings.
        The OGC has a real true european membership which fits very well in the neighbourhood and brings an added value to the commune. But this might be too much for closed-minded people.


  • overijse golf course

    danny wrote on: Dec 2, 2004

    wonderfull course very chalenging, but dont play in the winter, the winter greens are not up to standard


  • RE: overijse golf club

    wrote on: Nov 20, 2003

    One more illegal golf!


  • overijse golf club

    franz j. braun wrote on: Nov 11, 2003

    best 9 hole golf course I ever played


      • RE: overijse golf club

        DEMORTIER DANIEL wrote on: May 5, 2005

        I am proud to be member of such a nice golf and invite friends golfers there.
        Environment has been kept, and nature is exceptional!!
        Certainly one of the best 9 holes courses in belgium, who even dares to compare with 9 holes golfs in other countries.


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