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Golf Courses in Switzerland

Switzerland has a good selection of golf courses and the sport is gradually growing in popularity. However Switzerland has so much to offer that golf, will probably never become popular on the scale it is in other countries. The topography of the country and the cost of land might also have something to do with it. It must be said that the Swiss are excellent for exploiting the wonderful gift from the gods that is the geography of their country. We all know how popular winter sports such as skiing are but leisure activities such as sailing, river rafting, hiking and sight seeing are also popular. Everywhere you go, including small towns offer cuisine to a high standard. It is also possible to stay in the Swiss version of Bed and Breakfast rather than stay in hotels. Throughout Switzerland, there is a minimum standard - HIGH!

Switzerland is undoubtedly expensive but still affordable. Transport is excellent value especially as it is to a standard second to none. One tip if you are going to spend allot of time there or travel extensively is to buy a Halb Pries Abonnement (German) which cost about US$60 in 1990, and entitles one to half price tickets on buses, trains and trams.

One should take the time to study a travel guide to Switzerland and create an itinerary. There is a great deal to see. The cities are relaxed with everything for everyone. Outside the cities there are mountains, glaciers and lakes to see - incredible scenery. It might not be a bad idea to travel some of the railway lines, affordable and relaxing travel through some of Europe's most outstanding scenery. Any railway station will be happy to assist the tourist. They also change money, may have restaurants (at least buffet) and may even offer special weekend and other travel breaks at very good value.

The Swiss speak German, French or Italian as their mother language depending on the region. While they are supposed to learn another regional language, there are just as likely to speak English as a second language. From experience, the German is a mess - it's not actually the German one learns in books but strong local dialects. Its not uncommon for Swiss people from different Cantons to revert to High German rather than try to work out each others dialect.

The Swiss themselves are very polite and business like. They can also be very arrogant simply because they know their country is so wonderful. It is also difficult to make friends with them. Yes, you will be an acquaintance but a friend rarely. In the German speaking part, they have an odd etiquette of calling someone Herr or Frau until the moment when they 'formally' give you permission to use their first name. One will perhaps not notice this if one speaks English and uses first names from the start - as an American or British person would naturally do.

Switzerland is a very safe country and the crime rate is very low. Gun ownership is very high. Don't be surprised to see people clamber onto trains with assault rifles - they are going off for the annual three-week military refresher course. Banking, tourism, diplomacy and high technology (esp. instrumentation), chemicals and foods are major industries. The Swiss are educated to a very high standard and are usually very cultured.

In terms of climate, Switzerland is very cold in the winter months and quite hot in the summer. Visitors can use credit cards and cash readily. The Swiss are quite particular about visas so make inquiries before departing. Plan your itinerary, bring plenty of cash and check your visa to make the most of a holiday in Switzerland. Golfers will probably spend most of their time doing other things despite their original intentions.

Golf Clubs in Switzerland

Regions of Switzerland Switzerland Golf Courses

Aargau (AG)

includes Aarau
Mitteland Golf Club
Schinznach-Bad Golf Club

Berne (BE)

includes Berne, Interlaken, Thun, Biel
Blumisberg Golf Club
Interlaken-Unterseen Golf Club
Wallenried Golf Club

Fribourg (FR)

includes Fribourg
Royal Golf and Business Club

Geneva (GE)

includes Geneva
Geneva Golf Club

Grisons (GR)

includes St Moritz, Chur, Davos
Arosa Golf Club
Bad Ragaz Golf Club
Davos Golf Club
Engadine Golf Club
Lenzerheide Valbella Golf Club
Vulpera Golf Club

Lucerne (LU)

includes Lucerne
Burgenstock Golf Club
Lucerne Golf Club

Neuchatel (NE)

includes Neuchatel
Les Bois Golf Club
Neuchatel Golf Club

St Gallen (SG)

includes St Gallen
Erlen Golf Club
Ostschweizerischer Golf Club

Ticino (TI)

includes locarno, Lugano, Bellinzona
Lugano Golf Club
Patriziale Ascona Golf Club

Valais (VS)

includes Brig, Zermatt, Martingy, Sion
Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club
Riederalp Golf Club
Sion Golf Club
Verbier Golf Club

Vaud (VD)

includes Lausanne, Yverdon
Bonmont Golf Club
Domaine Imperial Golf Club
Lausanne Golf Club
Montreux Golf Club
Villars Golf Club

Zurich (ZH)

includes Zurich, Winterthur, Dusseldorf, Uster, Oerlikon
Breitenloo Golf Club
Dolder Golf Club
Hittnau-Zurich Golf and Country Club
Schonenberg Golf Club
Zurich-Zumikon Golf Club

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