Woodlawn Golf Club

6792 Ramstein Flugplatz
Tel : (06371) 476240 Fax : (06371) 42158

Ramstein 3km. Kaiserlautern 10km

Course Details

Course Name: Woodlawn Holes: 18 Yardage: 6225 SSS:
(no description available)
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  • Golf pro

    tony christie wrote on: Jul 24, 2010

    Ranom question
    I am le to believe an ol frien of mine has become the golf pro at your club?
    His name is Blue Loome - I wonder if my intel is correct.
    Emailing from Afghanisatn - serving in Helmand with the British army along side USMC?
    If correct please ask blue to return my mail - i live in Germany and woul like to drive own to your club 1 day for a knock


  • Membership

    Reid Gibson wrote on: Mar 22, 2010

    Can one become a member at Woodlawn if they are not a member of the military. I am going to stay with my buddy for the summer and was hoping to join.


  • old friend

    gordon mcculloch wrote on: Jun 1, 2007

    was stationed atH Q AAFCE from 1975-1978
    regularly played golf course with UK Support group made many friends especially friendly with christopher mathius who worked for John Hancock Insurance if he is still a member please pass on my regards.


      • RE: old friend

        robbo wrote on: Jan 14, 2008

        would you happen to know if there is a web site for woodlawn as i am thinking of going down for the open which is normaly in july


          • Website for Woodlawn

            Derek Turner wrote on: Feb 10, 2009

            Please go to www.RAMSTEINGOLF.com or www.WOODLAWNGOLF.com, or www.435thservices.com for all your golf related information at WOODLAWN GOLF COURSE


  • Woodlawn Golf Course

    Michael Richardson wrote on: Jul 18, 2006

    Woodlawn Golf Course is located in Rheinland Phalz not Saarland. A minor detail.


      • RE: Woodlawn Golf Course

        barril wrote on: Jul 19, 2006

        I want play in ramsteim the 23/09/2006 with fifteen friends about 14H00
        Can you said to me if it's possible and give me the green fee price
        Thank you very much
        sorry for my english


  • Looking for Mike Carlton - the WIC

    Herb Smaltz wrote on: Jul 1, 2006

    I was at Ramstein from 92-96. One of my perennial competitors was Mike Carlton, who won the Woodlawn Invitational (now Open I believe) during that time. When he retired from the Air Force, we lost contact with him. Does anyone have contact information on Mike? You'll remember him as a moody, generally pain in the arse kinda guy on the one hand but would give you the shirt off his back on the other hand.


      • RE: Looking for Mike Carlton - the WIC

        John Cra$wford wrote on: Nov 23, 2009

        Is that the same Herb Smaltz that lost his putter in the pond on the 8th?
        Deadly from 50ft but didn't like the little ones!
        Did you manage to get in touch with Mike? My main recollection of Mike is always handing money to him on the 18th everytime we played. Dave Crawford and Jim Jenney are two other names I remember.
        I was part of the Brit community, Roger Shrimpton, Graham Bassey etc.


          • RE: RE: Looking for Mike Carlton - the WIC

            Bob McArthur wrote on: Nov 19, 2010

            Don't know about Mike, but I knew Jim Jenney and Graham Bassey when I was in Germany 86-94.


  • Ron Hines

    Greg Hatch wrote on: Mar 25, 2006

    I was just checking out the advance copies of the Kaiserslautern community newspaper when I noticed that the club pro was Ron Hines. Would that be the Ron Hines who played basketball with the Germans while he was stationed there in the military? I met that Ron Hines at DLI in California. Please advise!


      • RE: Ron Hines

        Caro wrote on: Jun 2, 2006

        Hey Ron..have u ever played golf there?
        Greetings Caro


  • Overall ... Decent

    Jimbo Johnson wrote on: Sep 21, 2005

    Woodlawn is a short course, I read the other posted notes and it did not do the course justice; or in other maybe too much justice, however you could leave your driver at home (that is if you can't hit with it). Well cut designs makes Woodlawn fun to play, challenging, yet if you are not a beginner, it can be very rewarding. Some of those fairways can get really tight, and yes the "Rough" can be just that. The green are very well kept, however the Tee boxes can be lacking sometimes (sometimes even lacking grass in large portions). The Clubhouse staff are helpfull and always pleasant. The selection also will rival your favorite home course. The restaurant serves well made and tasteful food, But that is only in the evening (through my past experiences). My biggest complaint is they have not come up with a way to work out playing only the "Back Nine". The course is set up well and they could overcome this obstacle but I fear they never will try. The back nine is as good as the front and sometime you don't have time in this Military life to just play all Eighteen. All things said this should give you a good review to go off of, and me personally I'll play another round there next week. Don't miss Woodlawn GC it's definately worth the time and very fair fees that they charge.


  • Poor Military Support

    Greg wrote on: Jul 3, 2005

    I have been to many Military bases in my military career , Most of them have some sort of prorated membership for the service member who finds himself with less than a year in one location(TDY). Since Ramstein is the temporary home to a great number of TDY service members it is unfortinate to find this organization offers no support to those who are here in support of the current mission.... They do Prorate the year if you join late or halfway thru.. Seems like it would be an easy to fix and I know it would increase the business i give them..


      • RE: Poor Military Support

        Greg wrote on: Jul 8, 2005

        After recently talking to one of the employee's at the course about prorated fees, I recieved a call that they would prorate the fee's.... The way they do it is you pay for the prorated fee for the year and then when you are ready to leave, they will refund the difference..
        I am not sure why they don't just prorate it for the time you are going to be there, but they will prorate it... Thank you for your Support.


  • John Lucero

    Justin Kappel wrote on: Apr 18, 2005

    Mr. Lucero worked as a "Starter" when I was there in 99-01. Don't have a clue if he is still around. If anyone could help me locate a Mr. Mathis (Chris) I would greatly appreciate it he worked in equipment rental. Email me at ladams9@satx.rr.com. I worked in equipment rental if anyone remembers.


  • Great Course

    Matt Wiederholt wrote on: Mar 1, 2005

    I am on the Ramstein High School Varsity golf team. Woodlawn is our home course and it scares the heck out of the other teams. This course is tighter than any other course I've ever played at. Harder than the course we played European Championships at. Tons of fun though. The course seems like it is not too hard because it is short but when you step up to the tee box, you'll notice how small the fairways are and how long the rough can get. Overall, Woodlawn is the best course I've ever played and with the new management, you'll have a great time not only on the course but in the clubhouse too.


  • One of the best "Public" courses.

    Jerry Bradfute wrote on: Jan 12, 2005

    I was stationed at Ramstein from 1994-1998. I was introduced to golf at Woodlawn... I really enjoyed the course and think that it is a very good course to learn on (really tight). It forced me to get a straighter drive really quick... I also enjoyed the Staff. They were very helpful, and friendly. I still have a couple of photographs I took, hanging in my office. One is the approach to the 8th green, and the other is of the approach to the 18th green. I loved Woodlawn and would love to play it again.


  • looking for John Lucero

    Ronnie Nugent wrote on: Nov 12, 2004

    Mr. Ron Nichols I heard fron a friend that an old buddy of mine had married a German girl and retired in Germany. I was told he worked at the Ramstein golf course. Any help in finding my old buddy John Lucero would be appreciated. Ronnie Nugent e-mail rcnugent@nts-online.net


  • Good Enough

    Dave Mo wrote on: Aug 12, 2004

    The course is ok, and you can actually leave your driver at home! A million dollar club house with a 10 cent restaurant...absolutely pathetic service. They could be the best on base with very little effort. Can someone say "piss poor management"?
    Anyway, the course is worth playing!


      • RE: Good Enough

        Darrell Tierney wrote on: Mar 31, 2009

        I was the restaurant supply clerk at Woodlawn from 1991-1995,and I know it was a top-notch restaurant. I took the supply operation from a spiral notebook to a database that I constructed. I ensured the quality of food was never compromised and I remember the Restaurant manager was good about making the dining experience a favorable one.
        The manager for the course was Eric Sudy then, and old Lorenzo was the golf repair tech. I often what happened to everyone, as I've lost touch. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it.


          • RE: RE: Good Enough

            David Larents wrote on: Sep 14, 2009

            The establishment managed to squander the restaurant clout it had from the 80's. There's been lots of debate on it, with USAFE Services blaming it on the customer's changing demands. But the truth remains, Chili's stayed full until Macaroni Grill came along, and now Macaroni Grill has hour-long wait times.
            If someone truly wanted to have the Woodlawn restaurant flourish, it could be done; what's lacked has been either the will or, dare I say, competency.


      • RE: Good Enough

        Ron Nichols wrote on: Aug 20, 2004

        Mr. Mo,
        While surfing the web I have found your message. I was wondering what had occurred to make you feel this way. I am very interested to correct any situation that you had encountered to give you a bad experience in our restaurant. Please stop by and see me, so we can improve our facility.
        Ron Nichols
        General Manager
        Woodlawn Golf Course


          • John Barnett

            Robert Job wrote on: Jul 3, 2005

            John died last Tuesday. E mail me at rfjob@msn.com and I will forward more info.
            He died peacefully in his sleep at the hospital.


          • RE: RE: Good Enough

            Rick Goin wrote on: Jan 10, 2005

            I was stationed for 3 years at Ramstein. Never once did I find anything at fault with the course, the steakhouse, or the staff. It was a wonderful experience and miss everything about the "WoodLawn" experience.


  • Woodlawn Golf Course

    Justin Kappel wrote on: Nov 7, 2003

    This is small, yet challenging course. If your stationed overseas and get the privilege of playing this course you'll understand why it's such a great course. If your good with your long irons you'll have a definite advantage over most players. "CLIK CLACK BOOM" did I hit that tree? Have fun and No drinking on the course. YEA RIGHT! Thanks to everyone who made my Germany experience a memorable one.


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