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Portugal's Golden Eagle Golf Club far from a golden play, reader says

I just returned from Portugal, having played the Golden Eagle Golf Club. You might be interested to know that it took six hours to play, that the management did not have rangers to help speed up play and that local competitions took clear precedent over fee-paying guests. In addition, the smell from the local pig farm was overwhelming, and the incidence of flies was, unsurprisingly, of epic infestation proportions.

The condition of the golf course also left much to be desired. I would not wish to play there again, particularly as the charges were in the "top club" bracket. You may wish to add this to your list of course reviews, but I do not expect to see it published. However, a reply would be most appreciated, as I have seven other companions who felt exactly the same.

Garry Fitzhugh, former captain of Bedfordshire Golf Club

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