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Alnwick Golf Club: Lovely to look at but watch out for the hills off the tee.
Alnwick Golf Club: Lovely to look at but watch out for the hills off the tee. (Courtesy Northumberland Tourism)

Head for the hills of Northumberland's Alnwick Golf Club

I play Alnwick Golf Club in Northumberland, England, a lot. This is a good golf course and has lovely scenery.

The first hole is a nice, easy par 4. When you play your shot to the top of the bank the ball will roll down nicely for your second shot for the green, but be aware of the trees on the left and the right - if it's too far on the right after the ball rolls down the bank it will end up in either the rough or the hedges.

The second hole is an uphill par 3 and the third is challenging. Big hitters will make it to the top of the hill, but shorter hitters will have to play their tee shot halfway up the hill, and there are trees all the way up the hills.

Be aware of the quarry on the fifth, 10th and 12th holes. Once your ball is in there don't bother going to get it, play another one. Your tee shot on the 16th has to be straight as you will be hitting it between tall trees which are not that far apart. The 18th is a nice hole to finish on. Hit your tee shot just left on the fairway and it will run the hill, but be aware of the trees on your left and right.

The clubhouse is a nice place to relax after your round and the meals are nice with a friendly staff. The only downside is there is no pro shop.

Stephen Hardy

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