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Finland : Tourism and Golf

Finland has nearly 50,000 golfers and an ever increasing number of golf courses, about 60 at the time of writing. Given that Finland is one of Europe's most northerly countries, the seasons are typically long periods of darkness in the winter and long periods of sunlight in the summer. Indeed in the very far north, the sun does not set at all for a period of months - every played golf at midnight ? The golfing season is between may and September. The majority of courses are 18 holes and quite spacious. Facilities are typically to a high standard with green fees very affordable.

As a tourist destination, Finland offers the unique opportunity of sampling West and East culture. There is more to see than golf and visitors should consider visiting neighbouring countries to sample their rich cultures. Fishing is another popular pastime as are the famous saunas. There are companies which organise recreational activities which include golf for anyone spending a few days in Finland.

Some facts on Finland. The capital is Helsinki on the southernmost tip. The currency is the Markka. International Dial Code is 358. Shopping and banking hours are the same as most other European countries. Finland is obviously close to the Arctic so in winter dress accordingly. Summers can be warm but it advisable to carry a light jacket. When eating out, there is a lot of fish on the menu which varies with the seasons. Finland is of course famous for Vodka though beer is readily available. Social and business etiquette is typical of most European countries.

Golf Clubs in Finland

Regions of Finland Golf Clubs

Aland Island

Alands Golf Club


Aulangon Golf Club
Lahden Golf Club
Messila Golf Club
River Golf Club
Tammer Golf Club
Tawast Golf and Country Club
Vammala Golf Club
Vierumaen Golf Club


Jyvas Golf Club
Laukaan Golf Club


Tarina Puijo Golf Club


Imatran Golf Club
Kymen Golf Club
Viilpurin Golf Club


Green Zone Golf Club
St Lake Golf Club


Hartolan Kunikkaalinen Golf Club
Kartano Golf Club
Keri Golf Club
Mikkelin Golf Club
Porrassalmi Golf Club


Katinkulta Golf Club
Oulu Golf Club
Raahentienoon Golf Club
Virpiniemi Golf Club


Karelia Golf Club
Pielis Golf Club

Turku Pori

Koski Golf Club
Meri-Teijo Golf Club
Porin Golf Club
Rauman Golf Club
Salo Golf Club
Harjattula Golf and Country Club
Skargarden Golf Club
Wiurila Golf and Country Club
Yyteri Golf Club


Espoo Ringside Golf Club
Espoon Golf Club
Helsingin Golf Club
Hyvinkaan Golf Club
Keimola Golf Oy
Kurk Golf Club
Master Golf Club
Nevas Golf Club
Nordcenter Golf and Country Club
Nurmijarven Golf Club
Pickala Golf Club
Ruukki Golf Club
Sarfvik Golf Club
Sea Ronnas Golf Club
St Laurence Golf Club
Suur-Helsingin Golf Club
Talma Golf Club
Tuusula Golf Club
Virvik Golf Club


Botnia Golf Club
Etela Golf Club
Kokkolan Golf Club
Pirilo Golf Club
Vaasan Golf Club