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Hainault Forest golf: The price isn't right, Martin Lumb says

We have played Hainault Forest Golf Club in England many times in the past but haven't been there for over a year. The golf course was in very good condition, and the greens were fantastic.

We can only think that the large increase in price of £24 for a round was to pay for the gimmick of satellite navigation in the buggies. I walk the course, so why should I have to pay for that?

We had a tee time booked, but there was no starter, and there was a golf lesson on the first tee - what was all that about? And they didn't stop when we walked up.

Lastly, five and half hours for a round being held up all the way: Marshalling is required, methinks. On the whole, they are both very good courses. They need better managing, but at that price we will not return.

Martin Lumb

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