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From the dunes down, Belgium's Royal Ostend golf club's short, tough

Royal Ostend Golf Club in De Haan, Belgium, was built by King Leopold II (although I don't think he got his hands dirty). It's an old golf course so distances are short; nevertheless it is hard to play. As this is a seaside links course, wind is always in play. Watch out for the par-3 sixth - you tee off from the top of a dune straight in the direction of the sea. In the afternoon the wind is always ahead of you. It is short - something like 130 meters - but the club can vary from 9-iron up to one of your woods. Watch out also for No. 8. Another short par 3; you tee off from the highest of the dunes straight down. Excellent view. Fairway bunkers are always in play, and knee-high rough makes it difficult to get a good score.

Wouter Nagels

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