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Can't we all just get along at Dublin's pubs? One reader thinks so.
Can't we all just get along at Dublin's pubs? One reader thinks so. (.)

Reader to McDonald: British, Irish get along just fine, thanks

I am writing to complain about Tim McDonald's article, "Dublin's best pubs: A guide for thirsty golfers in Ireland," particularly this passage: "Sorry, I'd like to tell you about the best pubs in Dublin, but I'm having some trouble reading my notes from those days and nights. Well, as the British - whom the Irish don't particularly like - would say, I'll keep a stiff upper lip and just get on with it."

I am not into golf, but I have been going to Ireland since I was a child. I am 49 now. What a load of sh*t. I have never come across the anti-British attitudes spouted by Mr. McDonald.

It is lazy journalism (I have been a journalist since 1980). No doubt, walk down O'Connell Street in Dublin with a Union Jack over your shoulders and you might get some abuse, but such a lazy generalization is a symptom of lazy, "I know what the story is before I see the evidence" journalism.

Despite their troubled history, the Irish and British do get along. Thousands of Irish people support British football clubs and travel over for matches every weekend.

I could say that Americans are ill-informed, overweight, ridiculously religious and self-centered, but I know that is not true, and I am looking forward to visiting your wonderful country next year. The world owes a lot to the U.S., but maybe the U.S. minus Tim McDonald might win even more friends!

Angry moment over.

John Lynott

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