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England's Poulton Park Golf Club no walk in the park

Poulton Park Golf Club in Cheshire, England is a flat, short nine-hole golf course running alongside the M6 and M62 highways, but it is anything but easy.

The course is tree-lined with out of bounds and water coming into play on eight holes in a normal round - and if you over-hit to the first make that 10 holes with water. Those thinking of smashing the driver down the fairways will go home with a bruised ego; Poulton Park destroys the wayward golfer, and a shot at your course into the semi-rough would be wayward at Poulton Park.

The toughest hole is the seventh, a par four that could challenge any for the title of the hardest in the region. At 416 yards the slight dogleg right hides a sting in its tail: The new green sits behind the original green, masking the watercourse less than 3 feet from the front of the green, and with another watercourse equidistant from the back, you need a fine shot to find the target.

The wind plays it part on this hole, and many a ball rests in the water. But if you do get through this hole, just remember, you have to play it again!

David Owen

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