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Torrequebrada Golf Course just wants your money, says reader

In regard to Torrequebrada Golf Course in Malaga, Spain: I played there in July 2005. It took us three-and-a-half hours to play the first 10 holes, with the two groups in front of us having left the course on No. 9, and there was a queue to play the 11th! I spoke to the golf pro about it, and he said the following three nonsenses -- of which the third is the best:

1. "It gets a lot faster on the back nine."

2. "You could play the front again if you want." (Because we all like to pay 90 Euros to play the same nine holes twice!)

3. "Not all players play to the handicap they claim." (To which our response: "Check handicap certificates then, as you didn't check ours, and definitely not the hackers in front.")

This is a course that is reliant on its old reputation and is only after your money. The fairways were bad, greens were truly awful, and people complaining (we were not only ones) were told "tough." It was the most expensive of the games we played and the only one we did not enjoy or finish.

Try La Cala Resort instead (the brand new Europa is brilliant), and Monte Mayor Golf Club especially.

John Dale

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