Dictionary of Golf Terms

Acceptable Score A score made over an 18 hole round which is used to calculate or adjust a players handicap.
Ace A hole in one.
Action Backspin on ball.
Active Season The golfing season in which a player's scores can be used to adjust their handicap.
Address When a golfer takes his stance and lined up the club to make a stroke.
Adjusted Gross Score Competition scratch used to recalculate handicap. AGS is based on scores recorded by all players in the competition.
Advice Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty.
Air Shot Missing the ball during a swing.
Albatross Three strokes under par for a given hole.
Amateur Opposite of professional, one who does not receive monetary remuneration from the game.
Approach Hitting the ball at the green.
Apron The short fringe surrounding the green which isolates it from the fairway.
Attend the flag To hold and remove the flagstick from the hole as an opponent putts.
Authorised One that is recognised by the R&A.
Away The away ball is that which is furthest from the hole when more than one golfer is playing. It usually is played first.

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