Dictionary of Golf Terms

Hack or Hacker A poor golfer.
Halve A Hole In match play, refers to a draw when both opponents take the same number of shots to complete the hole.
Halve A Match In match play, refers to a draw when both opponents have won the same number holes in the round.
Handicap The number of strokes a player is given to adjust his score to that of standard scratch. It allows golfers of different abilities to compete on equal terms.
Handicap Allowance Your adjusted handicap depending on the type of competition you have entered.
Handicap Player A golfer who has a recognised handicap awarded by a Golf Club.
Handicap System A method of adjusting golfers' scores to a baseline such that they can compete on equal terms.
Handicap-Stroke Hole A hole where in match play an opponent receives a shot. It is determined by the stroke index of the hole.
Hanging lie When the ball is resting on the upside of a slope.
Haskel First incarnation of the modern golf balls with rubber straps wound around core encased in gutta percha - rendered Gutties obsolete
Hazard Permanent features on the golf course designed to obstruct play.
Hcp Handicap
Head The end of the club that includes the club face.
Heel Where the club head is attached to the shaft.
Hit a Brick To strike the ball on the green such that it does not roll past the cup.
Hit a House see Hit a Brick
Hogans A game where you have to achieve par by hitting the green in regulation, par the hole, having never hit the fairway.
Hole High Means that the ball has landed on the green level with the hole as you are looking at it.
Hole In One The ball goes straight into the hole from your tee shot.
Hole Out To putt the ball into the hole.
Holed A ball which is putted into the hole.
Home Getting the ball onto the green.
Home Pro Resident professional at golf club.
Honour The honour goes to last player to win a hole or take the least number of shots. The player with the honour tees off first.
Hooded Club Turning the club face slightly inward in order to hook the ball or prevent a slice.
Hook To induce topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Opposite is slice.
Hustler One who maintains an artifically high handicap in order to win bets.

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