Dictionary of Golf Terms

Takeaway When the clubhead is moved back from the ball at the start of a swing.
Tee A small peg stuck into the ground on which a golf ball is placed. Also area where golfers play first stroke of any given hole.
Tee Marker Boundary on the tee behind which a drive must be made. The ball must be placed onto the tee within two club lengths of the tee marker.
Tee Time Scheduled start time.
Teeing ground Area from which players start each hole.
Tempo The speed of a golfer's swing.
Temporary green A green used when the normal green is under repair or when the club wish to preserve the permanent green.
Tending the Flag To hold the flagstick such that a player may aim for it and then remove it as the balls approaches.
Texas wedge Name given to putter when used anywhere other than the green.
Thin Shot To strike the ball above it's centre causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.
Thread To coax the ball through a tight gap.
Three ball A group of three golfers playing their own ball.
Three Jack To three putt a green.
Threesome A group of three golfers.
Through the Green Any part of the course which is not 'out of bounds' except the tees, greens and hazards.
Tiger tee The tees used in a pro competition.
Tight fairway A Fairway (the cut grass area between tee and green) that is only a few yards across.
Tip Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty.
Toe That part of the club head at the opposite end to the heel.
Top To strike the ball above it's centre causing it to skip and bounce along the ground rather than rise through the air.
Torque How far a shaft twists during a swing.
Tour A series of tournaments over a season.
Tournament An organised competition for both amateurs and professionals.
Tournament Score Your gross score for each round added together.
Track iron Old fashioned club with metal head used to lift balls from tracks and carriageways.
Trap Sand or grass hazard.
Trolley A two wheeled device used to aid the carrying of a golf bag around the course.
Trouble shot Having to play a ball that is in deep rough, behind on object (such as a bush or tree) or from a bad lie.
Turn The midway point on a golf course, the end of the 9th hole.
Two Piece Ball A ball made from a core of rubber, metal or other wrapped in strands of rubber encased in a surlyn or balata shell.
Twosome A group of two golfers.

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