Dictionary of Golf Terms

OB Acronym for Out of Bounds.
Observer One who ensures that a golf match or round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.
Obstructions Anything which is man-made that obstructs play.
Offset The gap between the club shaft and the club face when held at address, looking from above.
On the Dance Floor When the ball has stayed on the green.
Open A tournament open to both amateurs and professionals.
Open Stance At address the golfer stands with their front foot further from the ball line than their back foot. An open stance is used by a player when they want to fade or slice the ball.
Out First nine holes on an eighteen hole golf course.
Out of Bounds The area on or adjacent to the course where the ball may not be played from. Normally marked by white posts.
Outside Agency Any object or person that is not part of the current golf match, such as a spectator or observer.
Outward Half The first 9 holes of an 18 hole course.
Over Clubbing To use a club which gives more distance than intended.
Over Par A score higher than the indicated par for a hole or round.
Overlapping Grip To hold the club such that the little finger of one hands is wrapped around the fore-finger of the other.

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