Dictionary of Golf Terms

Deuce To hole out in two strokes.
Dimple The indentations on the surface of a golf ball which affects it's flight characteristics.
Divot A piece of turf lifted when ball is struck - typically on fairway, played to create backspin.
Divot Fixer Instrument to repair ball pitch marks made on the green where the ball landed.
Dogleg A hole where the fairway hooks to the left or right thus obscuring the green from the tee.
Dormie Term given to describe the situation when a team cannot lose a match against the competition as the number holes remaining is the same as the current lead.
Double Bogey Two shots over the hole par.
Double D When a driver is used on the fairway after being used for the tee shot.
Double Eagle Three shots under the hole par; also known as albatross.
Down Number of stokes or holes you are behind your opponent.
Downhill Lie When the ball rests on a hill that goes down towards where you intend to strike the ball.
Downswing The down-stroke part of a golfer's swing.
Draw To induce topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Opposite is Fade.
Drive A shot from the tee area.
Driver A 1-Wood Club normally used for the Tee shot.
Driving Iron A 1 or 2 iron which gives distance rather than height.
Driving Range An area set aside for practice.
Drop Bringing the ball back into play after striking the last shot out of bounds or into a water hazard etc. The ball is released from an outstretched arm held at shoulder height.
Duck Hook To induce to much topspin onto the ball causing in to move from outside to in on your swing. Normally caused by turning your body to quickly through your swing.
Dunk When a ball lands in a water hazard.

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