Dictionary of Golf Terms

Waggle The movement of the club head as the golfer prepares to swing.
Water Hazard Ponds, lakes, rivers or ditches on the course, always marked by yellow or blue posts.
Water hole A hole where the approach necessitates hitting the ball over a water hazard.
Wedge A metal club designed to give loft rather than distance. Used for high shots into the green.
Whiff Missing the ball during a swing.
Whins Heavy Rough.
Whipping The straps used to re-inforce the join between the club head and shaft.
Whippy A shaft with greater than normal flex.
Winter Green A temporary green used in winter to protect the permanent green.
Winter Rules Local rules which apply during the winter season only.
Wood Clubs used for long range shots. Traditionally made with wooden head they are now mostly made with metal alloy heads.
Woodie When the ball hits any part of a tree and the golfer still completes the hole with a par.
Worm Burner A shot which rolls along the ground.
Wrong Ball Any ball which a golfer plays that is not the ball they began the hole with or which was brought into play after losing their original.

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