Dictionary of Golf Terms

R & A The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews who oversee golf in Europe, Asia and the Commonwealth
Range An area set aside for practice.
Ranger A course official who ensures prompt play on a golf course.
Rating Marker A sign next to the tee which indicates the point from which the holes yardage is measured.
Reading the Green The act of determining the preferred path the ball must take in order to go in the hole.
Recovery Shot To bring the ball back into a favourable playing position from an unfavourable one such as a hazard.
Referee An official who interprets the Rules of Golf during a match or competition.
Regular shaft A golf club shaft with an average amount of torque.
Release To hit the ball such that it rolls on impact with the green. Also refers to movement of golfer's hands during a swing.
Relief To lift and drop the ball without penalty in accordance with the rules.
Reverse Overlap Gripping the club with the little finger of one hand placed over the index finger of the other.
Rimmed A shot which circles the lip of the hole without dropping in.
Rough The high grass area adjacent to the fairway and green.
Round 18 holes of golf.
Round robin A tournament in which everyone gets to play everyone else.
Royal and Ancient Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews - golf's primary governing body.
Rub of the Green An unexpected bounce of the ball after it hits the ground. Sometimes helpful, normally not.
Rule Official R&A rule or local rule.
Rules of Golf As published by the R&A.
Run The distance that the ball continues to travel after it's initial impact with the ground.
Running iron An iron used to make short shots which roll.
Run-up To hit the ball along or close to the ground toward and onto the green.

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